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Aircool first opened its doors in 1958. During this time, there were several other evaporative cooler companies open throughout the Tucson and Phoenix area, many of which now have closed. From the 1950’s until today, Aircool Pad has remained at the same location, producing the highest quality cooler pads in the Southwest.
In fact the University of Arizona has done a study comparing Aircool Pads to the pads of our competitors. Because of their thickness and high quality aspen, Aircool Pads were found to produce a breeze up to 7 degrees cooler than anyone else’s. Thick, we stand.

Aircool Cooler Pads are made of 100% natural aspen fibers. There are never any chemicals or dyes added to our production, so our cooler pads are 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

Although Aircool’s main product is our 2” hand-packed cooler pads, we also carry a complete line of parts and accessories, complete coolers and the newest form of cooler pads, rigid media. Rigid media is a “cardboard” cartridge that is found in both Symphony™ and Aerocool™ coolers. Aircool has many common sizes of rigid media in stock and we can custom cut rigid media to your unique specifications.

Aircool is very conscious of the local community and its needs. Aircool donates or sells deeply discounted pads to several charitable, non-profit organizations throughout the Tucson area.

To see how Aircool can give you “a better breeze by 7 degrees” contact us and our friendly experienced staff can assist you.

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