Evaporative Coolers

Aircool Carries Two Major Evaporative Coolers.

The Impco Symphony Cooler

The cooler is made from corrosion-resistant, heavy gauge steel for maximum strength and durability. Symphony also features a Microban protection, which is an antimicrobial product protection which fights the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria for the life of the product. Because of its strength and durability, Symphony
offers a ten year factory warranty on this unit. 25-4 and 25-3

The Symphony Rigid Media Cooler is manufactured by Impco and is one of the newest forms of evaporative coolers. Because the rigid media cooler pads are so much thicker than aspen pads (8’-12” thick versus 2” thick), they produce colder air. These rigid media pads are also good for 2-4 years instead of only a season like aspen pads.
Also available from Aircool is the purge pump, a secondary cooler pump that flushes out the old water in the cooler every 6 hours, reducing mineral build up and extending the life of your cooler pads. Like the other Impco coolers, the Symphony Single Inlet features a special coating that protects the cooler from corrosion and the elements.

The Frigiking™ is manufactured by Phoenix Manufacturing.

Phoenix cooler are made with a protective Peblar XT powder coating that protects the cooler from corrosion. It also features an oversized blower wheel and a microscopic blower shaft finish to ensure the maximum amount of air flow is the quietest operation.
The Frigiking comes with an eight year warranty on the cabinet against rust.

The Aerocool is made by Phoenix Manufacturing, and is very much like the Symphony. They both take the rigid media pads, and they both have special coatings to protect them from corrosion and the elements. The big difference is the wet sections of these coolers. The Symphony features an all metal wet section which can rust out, but the Aerocool features a plastic liner in the wet section, lessening the chances of rust. The Aerocool comes with an eight year manufacturer warranty on the cabinet against rust.


Aircool is an authorized dealer for many of your brand name evaporative coolers. With 40 plus years of experience, we are your number one source for evaporative coolers, pads and parts!


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