Rigid media is a newer form of evaporative cooling found in Symphony and Aerocool™ coolers. It is made out of thin, cardboard wafers that are glued together in layers to get the desired thickness. A rigid media cooler, while blowing a lower volume of air, does produce a cooler breeze. It is similar to air conditioning. At Aircool, we stock several different sizes of rigid media, all of which are dipped into protective coating that reduces the build up of mold and scale. We carry replacement pads of Mastercool™, Aerocool™,
Ultra-Cool™, Breeze-Air™, and Symphony coolers. We also carry rigid media for large, industrial-sized coolers.

Aircool carries the American-made Port-A-Kool brand of rigid media, one of the industry leaders.

Most importantly, at Aircool we can cut rigid media to your coolers specifications. And, we’ll do it in less than 48 hours!


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